Services : 

-         Bearing change for turbines of all makes ! 

-         Maintenance / repair of jet and shaft power turbines !

(in particular PJ W). 

-         Damage checkups after crashes ! 

-         Expertise of second-hand turbines !(e.g. eBay-purchase) 

-     High-precision balancing for turbines from 10 to approx. 400 Newton  thrust

-          New part adjustments in turbines of all makes ! 

-         Possible reconstructions or mountings of turbine parts on customer preference !

-     prompt and careful execution of turning operations and CNC- milling workings according to modelling drawings and layouts.

-    WIG- precision welding for CrNi (V2A,V4A) 1.4301, Titan, copper, MS, Fe! From 0,1 mm - 0,5 mm thicknes! For the modell making! Other materials on request!




Specially developed for the combustion of model turbines on behalf of Jakadowsky JetEngines !

Recommended also from Fa.

 - a product of ShellAustria! - - Exact info click here

Dispatch of the Oil only up to a quantitiy of 5 litres !!!"


1,0 Liter  Can for - 14,50    A stable Picolo Jerrican ideally for tank building!!
2,5 Liter  Can for - 35.- 
5,0 Liter  Can for - 66,50
- FESTO - articles for the turbine equipment from stock!
  Festo.jpg (35739 Byte)
GRW- High precision bearings for the model turbines of every producer ! Price on request! 
New ! The Original Tygon - Hose - yellow direct from USA in 6 mm,  from stock! one m. only 6,70
Charging / starting and pressure valves are essential for starting the turbine with gas!
They are suitable for all non-returnable propane/butane bottles like Rothenberger or CFH from the building centers.
This pressure valve is absolutely safe to operate and robust. With FESTO-adapter and 0,5 m FESTO PU - tube at
EUR 23,50 incl. VAT.


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