Remarks to the subject bearing change / service:  

When purchasing a turbine it is often forgotten or not considered to have a turbine serviced. Turbine users should keep this aspect clearly in mind to avoid potential damages following ! 

It concers high precision bearings specially developed for model turbines on ceramics base different in price and as to tolerance. In this connection I would like to annotate, that here the wheat separates from the chaff and only high grade bearings from co. GRW are used.

To have an idea about the mechanical strain, say slowly „21“ and during this time the rotor unit of the turbine has rotated approx. 2.000 times around its own axis at full load (approx. 120.000/rpm) !!!  Adding to this thermal strain in the area of the turbine wheel, which is not even insubstantial !

Unimaginable ? No, I think it is fantastic ! 

This short description shows, that we deal with extreme heavily loaded spare parts in the turbines, which should be checked for a failure-free operation from time to time. Each producer has envisaged a „time-change of the bearing after a test run. The allowed time can be 10 – 20 hrs but up to 25 hrs as well !




Therefore have the turbine cleaned and the bearings changed on time !

Bearings from larger turbines, e.g. 70 mm wheels are stronger loaded than 60 mm ones ! The kind of the airfield plays also a role, which should not be misprized. What we mean is that if dirt, dust, sand and grass will be absorped, the bearing gets faster defective and the turbine easier contaminated, which causes power losses or turbine damages !




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